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Meet your House Captains and Vice Captains

Voting for House Captains and Vice Captains

Every year we vote for a captain and a vice captain to lead each of the houses.

All Year 6 children have the opportunity to stand for election.They have to write a speech and deliver it  all the children in their house in a special meeting called HUSTINGS.

This year Hustings was on Thursday 21st September and eighteen children stood. All of the speeches were well presented and received and that afternoon everyone in each of the four houses got to cast their vote. The next day, in assembly, the winners were announced.


Congratulations to all those that took part for their fantastic speeches and especially to the winners.

Here are the winning speeches

Hello everyone my name is Lucas Bailey and I am running for Gill house captain 2017!!


As you can see I am the only boy running for captain this year

Who fancies a change??

I am loyal, trustworthy and fair.


I am very sporty and a good leader with lots of ideas on how to win and make Gill the best house


Who wants competitions again?

Who wants fair recording of house points?

Who wants Gill to win the sports tournament this year?


Then vote for me-Lucas Bailey I will work my hardest to make

All this happen!!


Lets make this year the best Gill has ever had !!

Vote for me!!

Vote for change

Vote for me Lucas

Thank You


Lola’s Speech

Hello, my name is Lola and I will be a good house captain for Gill because I will always listen to you and will always use any good ideas to help improve our house. I have previously been on school council and have learnt to take such a responsible role seriously so I can use those skills to be a great house captain. I am very friendly and will always try to tell you what’s going on. I will always be available for you to talk to me and if I don’t know the answer to a question I will try to find it.


I will make all of our competitions fun, and give out cool prizes. As house captain, some of you might know that one of my jobs would be to pick teams for inter- house competitions. I will make sure I pick different people every time and make sure everyone who wants a turn have one.


Madoc Roberts’ winning vice speech


Fellow housemates,

I stand before you in my final year at Highfield Hall, asking you to vote me to become Eyre house/vice captain !

You may ask yourself “why Madoc”. This is a fair question so ill do my best to answer.

Firstly, all though my school life, whilst in house Eyre, I’ve tried my BEST to be reliable, respectful, trust-worthy, honest and hard-working. I listen to people and help where I can.

I am willing to put myself on the line and try new things, even being laughed at for trying.

I cannot promise you extra helpings of ice cream at dinner, or an astro turf 5-a-side football pitch, or an American-style-prom.

But what I can promise you is commitment, hard-work, and fairness.

I will provide you to communicate (anonymously if you wish) any concerns, worries or ideas or wishes you wold like to pass on to the teachers which will be fed back to you in tutor time.

I would put forward any reasonable ideas like an-end-of-year-disco or a sat revision club

So I finish by saying,

If you want someone who is true to their word, if you want someone who will help you to get your voice heard and if youwant someone who respects your opinion,