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Reception Miss Watkins

Welcome to our class page!

Autumn Term 1 overview is available as a PDF file below.


The Parents information handout is also available below.

Exploring our New Classroom

Exploring our New Classroom 1 Pushing trains around the track in small world.
Exploring our New Classroom 2 Sorting buttons by colour in investigations area
Exploring our New Classroom 3 Laying out our giant Numicon tiles.
Exploring our New Classroom 4 Making a cake in the malleable area.
Exploring our New Classroom 5 Both classes joining in with Baby Shark!
Exploring our New Classroom 6 Mark making using water and a paintbrush.
Exploring our New Classroom 7 Exploring colours and shape on our computers.

Making Friends

Making Friends 1 "Building a castle for the animals"
Making Friends 2 Making cupcakes with decorations.
Making Friends 3 Pattern making in the sand.
Making Friends 4 Working together to find dots in the classroom.

Forest Friday 05.10.18

Forest Friday 05.10.18 1 We're ready!

Making artwork using nature.

The Big Draw 09/11/18

The Big Draw 09/11/18 1 Making our own monsters
The Big Draw 09/11/18 2 With blown paint,
The Big Draw 09/11/18 3 drawn on legs
The Big Draw 09/11/18 4 and arms,
The Big Draw 09/11/18 5 some with googly eyes!
The Big Draw 09/11/18 6 We were all very proud of our work.
The Big Draw 09/11/18 7 We took inspiration from Jackson Pollock
The Big Draw 09/11/18 8 and in forest school created these pieces of art
The Big Draw 09/11/18 9 using conkers!