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Reception Mrs Coles

Settling into Reception


The children have settled really well and have been busy making new friends. They have enjoyed exploring their new classroom and outdoor area. 

Picture 1 Colouring
Picture 2 What a lovely face!
Picture 3 Outdoor area
Picture 4 Experimenting with different materials to make art
Picture 5 Using shapes
Picture 6 Role play
Picture 7 Water play
Picture 8 Role play
Picture 9 Building with blocks
Picture 10 Transient Art
Picture 11 Sand play
Picture 12 Number fun
Picture 13 Creating artwork
Picture 14 Water play
Picture 15 Water play
Picture 16 Water play
Picture 17 Having fun with numbers
Picture 18 Making new friends
Picture 19 Mark making
Picture 20 Using a keyboard and mouse
Picture 21 Role play
Picture 22 Small World & Construction Area
Picture 23 Reading books together
Picture 24 Role play
Picture 25 Using a mouse
Picture 26
Picture 27 Water play
Picture 28
Picture 29
Picture 30
Picture 31 Outdoor area
Picture 32 Outdoor area
Picture 33
Picture 34