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School Sports Funding

PE and the Sports premium


The government is providing additional funding to improve provision of physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools. We expect to receive £9200 per annum. Schools are free to determine how best to use this funding to improve the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision.


How we spent the money in 2015 – 2016:




Chesterfield school sports partnership


Equipment PE


Equipment Lunchtime


Sports coaching


Curriculum Enhancement











Chesterfield School Sports Partnership:

At Highfield Hall Primary school we are investing £1550 (per year for 3 years) of our funding in affiliating to the Chesterfield School Sports Partnership (CSSP). CSSP is passionate about improving the lives of young people, by providing opportunities through Physical education and Sport. CSSP will provide a core package to support the school on:

  • Physical education
  • Competition
  • Leadership and volunteering
  • Club and community links
  • Physical activity


Benefits and impact:

  • continuous professional developments.
  • inclusion training and support
  • PE and school sport audit
  • Level 1 school games support
  • Level 2 School games (inter-school, cluster/ district)
  • mini leader programme
  • Bronze young ambassador programme
  • midday supervising training
  • active lunchtime programme
  • bikeability/ balance bike training for reception and Y6
  • sharing of good practice with cluster schools



Equipment- PE:


Across the year teachers have had chance to teach various PE units and have fed back with what equipment they need to teach the units successfully and what equipment needs replacing or replenishing.


Benefits and impact:

  • Units are taught correctly using the appropriate equipment.
  • Children benefit from using appropriate equipment during lessons that is not broken or damaged.
  • Enough equipment was ordered to teach a whole class successfully with nobody waiting to have a turn.
  • Lessons therefore run more smoothly.


Equipment Lunchtime:


At lunchtime the play leaders and the mini-leaders provide activities for the children to participate in. This year the equipment needed replacing.


Benefits and impact:

  • Lunchtimes are structured with activities for the children to engage in
  • Due to having structured lunchtimes with plenty of engaging activities for the pupils to be involved in this minimises disruptive behaviour
  • Mini-leaders are in charge of activities


Sports coaching:


Throughout the year a number of after school sports clubs took place. These were free of charge to the pupils who took part in them. In Key Stage 2 there was theatre dance, TAG rugby and netball. For foundation stage there was gymnastics.


Benefits and impact:

  • children learning a new sport
  • children learning the skills required to play the sport
  • using Level 2+ qualified coaches
  • children learning to cooperate and work in a team
  • making new friends
  • the theatre dance led to performing at the Winding Wheel and in the end of term performance
  • the netball led to a competition
  • the TAG rugby led to a competition
  • the reception children performed their gymnastic routines to parents





Curriculum Enhancement:


Bikeability Level 1 Y4 –18 children took part in this

Bikeability Level 2 Y6 – 23 children took part in this

Bikeability balance bikes Reception – all reception children took part in this.


Bronze Ambassadors – Four Y5 children were selected based on their high achievement of being a mini-leader. This involved a day out at the English Institute of Sport to train in becoming a Bronze Ambassador for the school.


ODIN caving experience – the whole school participated in a man-made caving system that was brought into school.


Festival and competitions – the school entered a number of these this year; football, TAG rugby, Sports hall athletics, Early racers, dance, Netball and infant agility.


Benefits and impact:

  • children were trained on how to ride their bike safely
  • children learnt how to service their bike so that it was road worthy
  • safety on wearing appropriate clothing and equipment when riding a bike
  • some children learnt how to ride their bikes without stabilisers
  • reception children learnt the FUNdamental skills of riding a bike
  • bronze ambassadors were trained on how to deliver and organise a sporting event
  • sporting events were organised for KS1 and KS2
  • children’s organisational skills were developed
  • enjoyment across both Key Stages participating in an event
  • some children overcame fears
  • sense of achievement of completing the caving course
  • children having a sense of pride representing the school




Throughout the year children have been involved in festivals and tournaments that are out of walking distance. These events have taken place within school hours and out of school hours. For the children to take part in these events transport needs to be provided.


Benefits and impact:

  • children have been able to attend these events
  • children have participated in a range of sporting activities, representing the school.
  • Being able to attend these events children are involved with the elements of participation, competition, success and being part of a team.





For children to attend festivals/ events/ tournaments during school time supply teachers are needed to cover the teachers who are attending the event.


Benefits and impacts:

  • Covering the cost of supply means children can attend events during the school day




By the end of year 6 all pupils are required to swim 25 metres unaided. Those children in Year 6 who are weaker swimmers are given an extra swimming lesson a week to aim for them to be able to swim 25meters by the end of the year.


Benefits and impact:

  • children are safe in the water
  • confident in swimming
  • children understand the importance of water safety
  • last year 88% children in year 6 (30 out of 34) could swim 25m



How we intend to spend the sports premium 2016 -2017:


During this academic year we intend to spend the funding on:


  • Affiliating with CSSP
  • After-school clubs organised across the whole of the school
  • Curriculum enhancements – Healthy living week
  • Replacing sports equipment
  • Level 2+ qualified coaches to work alongside teachers to aid in the delivery of quality PE lessons
  • Professional development – teachers to attend relevant courses