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Harvest Festival - Feed the world, Save the world


The harvest festival's theme this year has been about our environment and how we can help it. Especially to do with food waste, litter etc. Year 1 have been researching plastic in the sea. We looked at and sorted different materials and found out what plastic was. This helped us understand that it is not a natural material and does not break down. We then watched a video that showed us how much plastic is in the sea and what is happening to the animals. We were shocked! We then decided what we could do to help... we thought about that we could put our plastic in the recycle bin, we could use less plastic (reduce) and we could reuse plastic objects like bottles, straws and spoons. 

To then help show the rest of the school what we had been learning about we reused plastic from our lunch and from our houses and made pirate pictures.

Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival 1
Harvest Festival 2
Harvest Festival 3
Harvest Festival 4
Harvest Festival 5
Harvest Festival 6

World poetry day

"Change" was the theme for world poetry day, so we decided to learn a poem about growing and seasonal changes.

The children performed their poem (along with actions) to the whole school in an assembly. They did very well to remember such a long poem, and perform it to all the children and teachers! Well done everyone! 

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