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Learn today's sound. 

Activity sheet


No worksheet, no problem!

  1. Watch the clip(s) for the day to introduce and practice the phonics sound for today.

  2. Find the worksheet for today’s sound in your pack. (If you are unable to collect a pack from school, please watch the video then draw and label 4 words that have that sound in them on a plain piece of paper.)

  3. Look at the words on lines 1 and 2 or line 3 if you would like a challenge.

  4. Sound the first word, pointing to each sound as you go then blend the sounds together.

  5. If you can read it tick it.

  6. If you don’t know that word yet, circle it. 

  7. Repeat steps 4-6 until you have read all of the words on the line(s).

  8. Write the sound in your neatest writing on the handwriting line, leaving a finger spaces in between each one.

  9. At the bottom draw a picture of one of the words you have read.

  10. Label your picture with the word that goes with it or if you are able, a sentence containing that word.

Monday 18th - The /ow/ sound spelled with ow

Tuesday 19th - The /oa/ sound spelled with ow

Wednesday 20th - The /oi/ sound spelled oi

oi flashcards to sound out and blend

Thursday 21st - The /oy/ sounds spelled oy

Friday 22nd - Recap both /oi/ sounds. This sound can be spelled oi and oy

Monday 25th - The /ue/ sound spelled ue

Tuesday 26th - /oo/ and /yoo/ spelled ue

Recap of both sounds spelled with ue

Wednesday 27th - The /er/ sound spelled er

Thursday 28th - The /er/ sound (covering the schwa effect)

Friday 29th - The /ar/ sound