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2 Maths

Week 1 


Home Learning

Monday 22nd Feb Complete the online activity  'Counting in 2s activity'
Tuesday  23rd Feb Complete the worksheet 'Counting in 2s'
Wednesday 24th Feb Complete the online activity 'Count in 5s activity'
Thursday 25th Feb

Complete the worksheet 'Count in 5s'

Friday 26th Feb

Mini assessment

Friday - Mini assessment (Optional)

Reasoning and Problem Solving Challenges (These are here as there are few worksheets for this week)

Answers for White Rose Maths Week 1

Week 2 


Home Learning

Monday 1st March Complete the online activity  'Compare lengths activity'
Tuesday  2nd March Complete the online activity 'Compare heights activity'
Wednesday 3rd March Complete the worksheet 'Compare lengths and heights'
Thursday 4th March

Complete the online activity 'Measuring lengths (non-standard units) activity'

Friday 5th March

Complete the worksheet 'Measure length (1) activity'