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2 Maths

Week 1 


Home Learning

Monday 8th March Complete the online activity  'Introducing the ruler activity'
Tuesday  9th March Complete the worksheet 'Measure length (2)'
Wednesday 10th March Complete the worksheet 'Adding length problems'
Thursday 11th March

Complete the worksheet 'Subtracting length problems'

Friday 12th March


Week 2


Home Learning

Monday 15th March Complete the online activity  'Introducing weight and mass activity'
Tuesday  16th March Complete the worksheet 'Introducing weight and mass'
Wednesday 17th March Complete the worksheet 'Measure mass'
Thursday 18th March

Complete the worksheet 'Compare mass '

Friday 19th March

Complete the worksheet 'Weight and mass problems'

There isn't an answer sheet for the problems on the last day this week. Feel free to email your work to staff for feedback though.