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Tuesday 23rd February


PE with Joe Wicks today! Why not join him at 9am? Or you might prefer to go for a walk or run with your grown-up.


Another idea is having ago at a dance video with KidzBop. They are the same group that we dance to in our "GoNoodle" activities at school. They have many songs to choose from on their youtube channel.


Meeting with your Teacher/s There will be a Teams call with teaching staff to introduce the day’s learning. Check your emails for the link. This will be at 9:30am.
English and Spelling

Watch this lesson on Oak Academy: In today's lesson we create a story map and retell the story.

/j/ using 'dge' and 'ge'









If you are unable to watch the video lesson above, you can support your child by retelling the story of Persephone from yesterday's lesson. Ask your child to draw a story map today making sure they get all the events in the correct order. They can add labels to help them. This story map will be used to support the retelling of the story in tomorrow's lesson.



Watch the lesson Today's lesson is an activity lesson, so there is no worksheet accompany the video.  Instead it would be helpful to use the 3D nets on the main home learning page - Extra maths resources - or some straws/blutack/playdough/lolly sticks/empty cardboard packaging. Children will need to make 3D shapes in some manner if at all possible for this lesson. These can be made in a variety of ways.


Meeting with your Teacher/s

There will be a Teams call with teaching staff to read a story and answer any questions you may have about today's learning. Check your emails for the link. This lesson will take place at 11:30am.




Watch the lesson on Oak Academy  Your child may need some resources for this lesson - crayons/paper/card/ scissors and glue or tape if possible.


Look around your house, can you see any prints? Prints are usually repeating patterns and are often printed on fabric like curtains and duvet covers.

Find and draw some of the prints you can see in your house. 


Now make your own prints by using the side of a crayon and rubbing on paper over some surfaces in your home or outside.



You can use your prints to create a picture by cutting out different shapes from your prints and sticking them down. 

Meeting with your Teacher/s There will be a Teams call with teaching staff to go over the day’s learning and have a story and a chat. Check your emails for the link.This lesson will take place at 2pm. Please have your work with you - we will be marking the maths from today and talking about your other learning.