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Thursday 25th February


PE with Joe Wicks today! Why not join him at 9am? Or you might prefer to go for a walk or run with your grown-up.


Another idea is having ago at a dance video with KidzBop. They are the same group that we dance to in our "GoNoodle" activities at school. They have many songs to choose from on their youtube channel.


Meeting with your Teacher/s There will be a Teams call with teaching staff to introduce the day’s learning. Check your emails for the link. This will be at 9:30am.
English and Spelling

Watch this lesson on Oak Academy:  Today's learning focus will be using singular possessive apostrophes within our writing.


Punctuation focus - using possessive apostrophes  (adding 's)

The boy's guitar was given to him by his granddad.

The bear's fur is lovely, soft and Brown.


If you can't watch the video, ask your child to rewrite some sentences to include possessive apostrophes and add extra information. These sentences will be about the characters from our story. 


For example:  tears belonging to Persephone

This might become: Persephone's tears rolled down her cheek as she thought of her mother.


The Thunderbolt that belongs to Zeus.

The underworld that belongs to Hades.


Watch the lesson

 Maths today will focus on counting the number of vertices in 2D shapes.

Meeting with your Teacher/s

There will be a Teams call with teaching staff to read a story and answer any questions you may have about today's learning. Check your emails for the link. This lesson will take place at 11:30am.


Today we are going to be drawing. If you can't come to the lesson but would like to join in you can find this lesson in the 'Mrs Jones' Video Lessons' star on our Home Learning page, or watch here:




Watch the lesson on Oak Academy about rainforest habitats.


Today we will be learning all about the rainforest habitat and how it is different to a desert. If possible, use the lesson above, but if you are unable to watch this lesson then use this lesson guide to help you support your child in their learning. 

Rainforests are humid. Humid means when the air is very moist, there's lots of water in the air.

It can feel quite sticky and muggy when it's humid. There's also lots of rain in rainforests, that's why they're called rainforests. There are also lots of trees in a rainforest. Did you know that it can take 10 whole minutes for a raindrop that falls from the sky to travel to the ground of a rainforest? That is because there's so many leaves from all the trees getting in the way, that instead of just going to the ground it keeps bouncing off different leaves. 


Draw a rainforest and write a sentence including the three main characteristics from above: rain, trees and humid.


Now compare this to your work on a desert habitat. What is the same and what's different? Compare the characteristics of both habitats. How might the organisms be different? Research animals that make the rainforest their home. How does this habitat suit them. Consider the camel from our last science lesson; what features made the camel suitable for the desert? Which characteristics make the rainforest organisms suitable for their habitat?

Meeting with your Teacher/s There will be a Teams call with teaching staff to go over the day’s learning and have a story and a chat. Check your emails for the link.This lesson will take place at 2pm. Please have your work with you - we will be marking the maths from today and talking about your other learning.