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Wednesday 3rd March


PE with Joe Wicks today! Why not join him at 9am? Or you might prefer to go for a walk or run with your grown-up.


Another idea is having ago at a dance video with KidzBop. They are the same group that we dance to in our "GoNoodle" activities at school. They have many songs to choose from on their youtube channel.


Meeting with your Teacher/s There will be a Teams call with teaching staff to introduce the day’s learning. Check your emails for the link. This will be at 9:30am.
English and Spelling

Watch this lesson on Oak Academy:  Today we will be using our boxing up plan from Monday's lesson to write our own ending, still maintaining the important parts of the original ending.


Spellings - gn  kn  n    /n/


normal      knight        know   

gnome       knitting     gnaw


If you can't watch the above lesson video, you can support your child by helping them retell the story of Persephone using their story map from last week. See if they can use 'fortunately' and 'unfortunately' in their sentences to help show which parts are good and which are bad.


Then ask your child to look at their boxing up plan from Monday to help them remember which parts of the ending were important. Use this plan to write an ending for the story of Persephone which shows the consequences of actions/events and describes the mood/emotions this generates. Encourage your child to show the emotions of the characters in the story by describing instead of naming them. For example when Zeus is worried and frustrated that he must go and speak to Hades about taking Persephone back to Demeter, we need to describe how that emotion might look or sound without naming it. 

Zeus frowned and marched off to the underworld with his fist clenched tight around his lightning bolt. He spoke sternly to Hades, saying "Persephone hasn't eaten anything, so she must go back to her mother."



Watch the lesson  Today's lesson focuses on counting faces on 3D shapes.

Please complete the worksheet from the bottom of the page.

Meeting with your Teacher/s

There will be a Teams call with teaching staff to read a story and answer any questions about today's learning. This lesson will take place at 11:30am.



Watch the lesson on Oak Academy  Today's lesson will teach us how to make our very own collagraph.


Watch the video lesson with your child to get some ideas and inspiration and then, if you would like to and have the resources, why not have a go?! Email artwork to Mrs Jones -


Meeting with your Teacher/s There will be a Teams call with teaching staff to go over the day’s learning and have a story and a chat. Check your emails for the link.This lesson will take place at 2pm. Please have your work with you - we will be marking the maths from today and talking about your other learning.