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Friday 5th March

Today we have a non-screen afternoon, so there will be no Teams lesson at 2pm. If you would like some ideas for your non-screen afternoon, see the ideas link on the main Home Learning page.


PE with Joe Wicks today! Why not join him at 9am? Or you might prefer to go for a walk or run with your grown-up.


Another idea is having ago at a dance video with KidzBop. They are the same group that we dance to in our "GoNoodle" activities at school. They have many songs to choose from on their youtube channel.


Meeting with your Teacher/s There will be a Teams call with teaching staff to introduce the day’s learning. Check your emails for the link. This will be at 9:30am.
English and Spelling

Watch this lesson on Oak Academy: Today we will write our alternative ending for the story of Persephone.


Spellings   gn   kn   n   /n/

knight        know

gnome        gnaw

kneel         knock


If you are unable to watch the above video, you can support your child to write their alternative ending by first looking back over the work they did yesterday.  Use their box plan to talk about what might have happened instead and the consequences of those events. Then take some time to look at the key words and mood/emotions related to these changed events. 


Your child should then write up their alternative ending, taking time to write using capital letters, spaces and full stops. They should also include the elements we have covered as part of this and other recent units: interesting vocabulary, careful spelling/phonics, emotions and how we can show them without always naming them. Work through the ending one event at a time, so your child can use their box plan to support them. 




Watch the lesson We will be counting vertices on 3D shapes.


Please complete the worksheet from the bottom of this page.

Meeting with your Teacher/s

There will be a Teams call with teaching staff to read a story and mark the work from today. Check your emails for the link. This lesson will take place at 11:30am.