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Animal Zoo Visit

During the first week of Spring 2, we had a visit from the Animal Zoo. We got to look at, touch and hold a variety of different animals. 

We learnt so much from the visit. Afterwards we discussed what we had found out. These are just some of the things the children said during the discussion!


“Corn snakes live in corn fields.”

”Snakes shed their skin.”

”Snakes eat whole mice.”

”Some centipedes can kill, millipedes don’t.”

”Owls can turn their heads all the way round.”

”The snake was 5ft long.”

”Bearded dragons can make their spikes black to say if they want a girlfriend.”

”We have to be quiet so we don’t scare animals.”

”Some animals have cold blood.”

”Some animals have shells to protect them from things that want to eat them.”