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Hello! We are Mrs Martin’s Year 1 class

Little Bo-Peep singing about her sheep!

Still image for this video

Our AMAZING homework tasks-aren’t they brill?

Look at our cardboard tube characters

Look at our beautiful fairy tale costumes

Measuring in centimetres

We told stories using our shadow puppets

We played the Giant’s harp (it was Miss Evans’ really)

Autumn 2

Look at our amazing homework projects for the Bog Baby topic

We designed and made 'creature' puppets based on the Bog Baby

Santa came to visit us!

Phonics Top Tips for Parents:

We use the terms 'code' for how it is written and 'sound' for the sound it makes when you say it.

This video shows how we pronounce the phonics sounds. They are called PURE sounds. They are very short and don't have the 'uh' after them-try saying b, c and d at the front of your mouth without the 'uh' sound after it. This means c-a-t with blend to say cat not cu-a-tuh! 
Try it!

Just THE BEST picture ever-Grown Ups sharing books with kids-Love it!

We're eating horrid hard tack biscuits like pirates did

Drinking pirate grog that we made with lemons and ground ginger

Still image for this video

Aharrr me hearties! Be VERY afraid!

Look at our AMAZING homework projects! They are on display in our classroom gallery.

We are finding out which country fruits are grown in and learning about food miles.

We said our poem ‘Meet The Pirates’ in assembly on National Poetry Day

We have been busy discovering things in the school grounds that are taller/longer or shorter than a metre using a metre stick.

Morning routines

The door opens at 8.45 and the bell will go for the registers to be taken at 8.55 the classroom door will then be closed.

If you come after 9.00, the classroom door will be closed for your children’s safety. Please knock and you will be met by the TA. Your child can then put their coat and bag away and join us for the register.


Hair, earrings and jewellery.

In PE and dance the children with long hair must have it tied back and earrings must be removed or taped up.

If your child can’t remove his or her earrings, you might want to remove them before school on PE day-Friday.

Children should not wear necklaces, bracelets or rings to school.


Medicine in School

Please make sure we have up to date medical information about your child.

If your child needs medication during the school day (other than inhalers and epipens) you will need to fill a medication form.


Water Bottles

Please make sure you send a bottle of water with your child every day. It should have a sports cap on top so that it doesn’t spill.


Naming belongings

Please could you make sure that all clothes (including PE kit and plimsolls), book bags and lunch bags are clearly named.

If you lose any items of clothing, please check the ‘cardy corner’ box in the classroom or the school lost property box, which is in the disabled toilet in the cloakroom of the main building. Sometimes items are still on the infant playground.


KS1 finish time 3.25

We finish and open the doors at 3.25pm. We understand that there will times when you get stuck in traffic or at an appointment so might be slightly late. If you call the office, they will let us know in class. The children will stay with us in the classroom unless we have meetings to attend. We will take them to the office in the main building to wait for you.