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Archive 2019-2020

Now we’ve had the first bubble closure, we want to be prepared just in case the same thing happens to us. Please find above tasks that you can complete if you cannot attend class in person. The objectives are the same as what we will be covering in class. However, we might be learning the same things in a different way but that’s okay.

Hand Hygiene

Sports Relief

World Book Day 2020

Anglo Saxon Village Drama

Big Draw 2019

Our challenge was to use Spanish and Art. We looked at the art of Kandinsky (yes he’s Russian). We described the shapes he had used with our Spanish vocabulary. Then we used his techniques along with his passion for Jazz to create our our artwork.

Autumn 1

Pyjamas for the Playground

Grow Wild- Wild Flower seed planting with the nursery

Art in the style of Monet

Water cycle in a bag

Active Vocabulary

River Simulation