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Letter about Y2 'bubble' closure

Welcome to Year 2

We have made a good start to the year already and are looking forward to a year full of lots of fun learning!


Sport relief school video

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World book day

One of our very kind Governors came to help us share a million stories. She read the “Smartest Giant in Town” by Julia Donaldson to us. We had a great time. Thank you Mrs Breeze! 

Kindness week

The children came up with ideas of what the though kinds acts were. We then displayed their ideas on our kindness board. When they shown an act of kindness they shared with the class what they had done and moved their picture to the corresponding act. 

Big Draw

We looked at a piece of art with a particular slant towards R.E./ PSE. I asked told the children we were going to do some art work, but first of we were going to think about the picture. I asked the children;

  • What do you think the picture is about?
  • Who do you think is in the picture?
  • If the picture could talk what would it be saying to you?
  • Why did the artist paint the picture?

The children thought about these questions well and gave some very thoughtful answers. A sample of their answers from the discussions are;

  • ”I think it’s Jesus holding the world keeping everyone safe”
  • ”I think the big hand is God”
  • ”I think it’s because the earth is dying”
  • ”I think it might be Mary”
  • ”I think it’s telling us it love the earth”
  • ”I think we need to stop all the bad gas”


The children then went on to put their ideas onto a mind map.

Our ideas about the piece of art - mind map

We wanted to try and recreate the picture, so we had a practise with using Chalk pastels. We looked at the different methods and the different marks they make. We then chose what would be the most effective methods for our picture. 

Experimenting with chalk pastels

Pyjama day

Harvest - Food Miles

This week Miss Holden bought a selection of food from the super market and the children had a look on the packaging to see where the food had originally travelled from. The children found the countries on the globes to see where the food might have traveled across. Looking at the journey the children decided what mode of transport they thought the food may have traveled on. We used the site to calculate the distance the food had traveled. Then put all the food in order. We had apples that had traveled all the way from New Zealand! 


We then looked at the book “Wonderful Earth”. We learnt that the gas from modes of transport is hurting the world. And thought about ways in which we could help. The ideas the children came up with were:

  • not buying foods with large food miles
  • Buying local foods
  • buying from the farmers market in town
  • growing your own food


So we decided to use their ideas and buy local, seasonal produce to make a low food mile Harvest soup. 



Making the soup

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The children used their measuring skills they have been learning in maths in their cooking. Measuring 2 cm slices of carrot and potato’s. Measuring 75g of parsnip and 500ml of water.

Making the soup

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Trying the soup

Harvest video

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Advice from harvest

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A visit from the fire service

This week we had a visit from a retired fireman called Steve. We learnt all about how to keep safe at home, e.g. not distracting someone when they are cooking on a hob, not playing with matches. We learnt about safety procedures on how to exit the house if the fire alarm started to go off and how to check our fire alarms. We also learnt about the  stop, drop and roll procedure.


A video we were show by Steve about playing with matches:


National poetry day

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For national poetry day we learnt and preformed (alongside the other year 2 class) the poem 

“The Really Really Really Truly True Truth About… Teddy Bears” by James Carter. We chose the poem as the theme for National poetry day was “Truth” and our topic at the moment is toys. 

The last verse of the poem is missing from the video but the full poem is listed below. The children took great care in learning this poem and we and they were very proud of their performance at our poetry day assembly. 



The Really Really Really Truly True Truth About… Teddy Bears


Everybody has a teddy.
Even if they say they don’t, they do,
they’re fibbing. Even kings, queens,

famous footballers, hairy rock stars
and busy teachers. Yours included.
And all those people on the telly. Them too.

And I’m sure even aliens have their own
equally cute, equally cuddly, equally
dog-eared, squished and dribbled-over

version of this classic soft toy. But why?
Well, why not? However old you are,
however grown up you may appear to be,

however important or bossy you may become,
in a hush of a moment every now and then,
you will still feel the need to open

the bedroom cupboard, remove
that little fuzzy bundle, and give it
a sniff and a kiss and a little snuggle.