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P.E is Thursday.

Please come to school in your P.E kit. Be prepared to be outdoors!

We’re FAMOUS!!

Still image for this video
and quite rightly so. After thinking of others we walked around the local area to spread some smiles during the unsettling times of Coronavirus. It seems to have worked as well!! Well done guys, Miss Sullivan is SO proud of you xxx

We all deserved a medal after this week. Well done year 3!

Science week!! Forces and Magnets...

Exploring Friction...

...and push force

Christmas jumper day and Santa dash!!

For kindness week, we were all ‘secret guardian angels.’ We picked names out of a hat and had to look after that person all week. We had to keep it a secret by not only being kind and looking after the person we had chosen, but disguising it by being nice to everyone, too. At the end of the week we guessed who our guardian angel had been. Whenever we thought our guardian angel had helped us we wrote it down. Look at what a kind class we are! 



We learnt about all the different layers of soil... then, we made them!

Starting from the very bottom layer, we used broken biscuits for the bedrock.

Marshmallows for the parent material.

Coco pops for the subsoil (with added strawberry lace worms)

and crumbled up cake for the topsoil. 


We started Science week by investigating rocks. Testing which are the hardest, which are permeable (allow water to pass through) and which fizz when the make contact with acidic liquids such as vinegar. We were real scientists and made sure each test was fair, making predictions and observations. Even though classroom STUNK of vinegar!!!