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One Day - Pay It Forward

We have been thinking about ways in which our actions affect others in RE. We watched this video and then thought of our own ways of 'paying it forward'.

Pay It forward and it just might come back to you!

'The Dot' - where will your mark take you?

We read the story 'The Dot' by Peter H Reynolds. It is about having confidence to believe in yourself and encouraging and nurturing others. We created our own 'dots' and thought about how we could better ourselves and help others. We also linked this with the artist Georges Seurat and his style of pointillism, using many tiny dots to create his works. 

Winter Art. We explored how to use water colour to create shading and add effect. Mrs Wood is very proud and impressed with our art skills.

Who will be in my classroom?


I will teach you on Tuesday afternoons and all day Wednesday through to Friday.


Hello. I will be teaching you on a Monday and Tuesday morning. I am really looking forward to seeing you all. 


Mrs Carlile will be with you each day for some lessons.

Contacting us.

If you need to get in touch with either of us then our emails are:

Unfortunately, parents are not allowed to enter the school building at the moment so please email if there is anything you need to chat with us about.

We will let you know if anything important has been added to the class page via the school app too.


Learning in Year 4.

You will receive a topic leaflet during the first week which will detail what we intend to teach in the first half-term. Other information regarding learning will always be added to the class page too.


Pick-up & Drop-off.

Our pick-up and drop-off zone is on the infant yard next to the door to the main building. Please make sure you come to this zone each day as it is important we see children go with their grown-ups.

Drop-off time in the morning is 8:50am and our pick-up time is 3:30pm. 


Morning routine.

After we have taken the children upstairs to the classroom, they will be asked to wash their hands with soap and water. They should hang their coat on the back of their chair and put all other belongings under the table. This includes lunchboxes for those children who have sandwiches. If your child has a small bag to carry other things like water bottles, snacks, reading books, etc then that would be useful too although please avoid large rucksacks as space will be limited.



The toilet which the children should use is located in the TA room on the same corridor as the classroom. We have the cubicle on the right which has a sign on it saying, 'Miss Gleadall's class.'


Other hygiene information.

After break-times, children will be provided with hand sanitiser to use. They must wash their hands with soap and water before lunchtime and if they have been to the toilet.


Stationery, jotters and reading books.

Your child will still be able to take home reading books as normal. When they have been brought back into school, the books will be quarantined for 48 hours before being placed back on the shelf.

Stationery packs which were given to children by their previous teacher will be moved to their new classroom with us.


We like to use jotters for note-taking, etc in year 4. If you would like to buy a notebook/jotter for your child to use in class then you are welcome to do so. The children often like to have their own personalised jotter which gives them some ownership. If not, school can provide a notebook for this purpose.


P.E and swimming.

P.E will take place on a Thursday. Please make sure that children come to school wearing their P.E kit as we will not be storing kits in school anymore so they can be taken home and washed. P.E lessons will usually take place outside so please make sure they have something on to keep them warm and dry in colder weather.


Swimming is not currently taking place due to coronavirus restrictions. If and when this does resume, we will let you know.


Anything else which we cannot currently do in school?

Unfortunately, we are not running assemblies at the moment. We will, however, still have a Friday assembly in class to award the children with medals and certificates. 


There will also be no school trips or after school clubs for a while.


Medicine in school.

If your child needs medicine at any point then please email one of us and we will make sure a medicines form is sent home. Please send this back into us with clear instructions for dosage and frequency needed.

If your child uses an inhaler, please catch us at the beginning of the first week so we can sign it in for use. After school at pick-up time is best.


We look forward to meeting you all very soon!