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Welcome to Reception

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Who will be teaching me?


⏰ What time will I start and finish school?

You will start at 8.35am and finish at 3.15pm. Please wait at the bottom of the steps outside the classroom until a member of staff calls your child up. 

Classes have staggered start and finish times to help keep us safe. Please come to school at your given time only to avoid classes crossing over and remember to observe social distancing guidelines. Please do not allow children or siblings to play on the equipment in the outdoor area as it is cleaned at the end of each day. 


🏫 What do I need to bring to school?

You need

💧 A drinks bottle with plain water only in. 

🍏 An afternoon snack (healthy and nut free please) 

📚 A book bag

💼 A lunchbox if you are having sandwiches

🥾 A pair of wellies

🧥 A waterproof suit for playing outside

Please make sure these are all clearly named. 


👫🏼Where will I play?

You will have your playtimes and lunchtimes in the Reception Outdoor area. 


🥪Where will I eat my lunch?

If you are having a school dinner you will go down to the hall to eat your lunch. If you are sandwiches you will eat them in the classroom. 


🤾🏽Will I do PE?

On Tuesday mornings we will do PE. Please come to school in your PE kit. Please make sure it is suitable for the weather as you will stay in this all day. 


🌳 Will I do Forest Friday?

On Friday afternoons we will have our ‘Forest Friday’ sessions. Please come to school in non-uniform, clothes you do not mind getting wet/muddy. Please also bring in a bag of spare clothes.


📚 Can I take home a reading book?

After a few weeks of settling in and getting to know each other, we will start to send home reading books. Books will be sent home every Monday. Please return them on a Friday so they can go into quarantine over the weekend and be ready to send home again on Monday. 

⛑ Medication 

Please bring any medication on your first morning with us with a completed medication form (there should be some of these in the outdoor classroom or you can download one from the website). 


Please note that if the item is an inhaler, this will need signing in. Bring the inhaler and medical form to your waiting area and an adult will bring you the sign in sheet once all of the children have been taken into the classroom.  

📧 Contact 

Whilst things are a little different it may be harder to speak to us at the beginning or end of the day. Please feel free email to us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.