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We listened to some heavy metal music and talked about how it made us feel. We talked about how it sounds angry, and thought about how it makes us want to move. We then listened to some classical music and did the same again. 

Interpreting classical music...

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Interpreting heavy metal music...

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We decided to express how music made us feel using art. As we listened to heavy metal we chose our colours and responded to the music through using colour on paper. We found that we had all made angry, dark scribbling. Despite how angry the music and our art seemed, we all said we actually felt really happy and more relaxed. We talked about how we could perhaps use this as a strategy to help us feel calmer in future if we were feeling angry or frustrated. 
We then listened to classical music and chose colours to use when representing the feelings generated by the music. We found we had all closed lighter, more cheerful colours and had made careful swirls and lines. Some of us had produced pictures of flowers. We felt calm and happy, the music was gentle and made us want to be quiet to enjoy it.
We thought it would be nice if CD artwork showed how the music makes you feel so we created a two sided CD artwork insert. On one side we used pencils whilst listening to heavy metal. For the other side, we used watercolour paints and fine brushes to create small patterns/pictures, again responding to the classical music we listened to when we were painting. We are very proud of the results and very much enjoyed the process of thinking deeply about how music and art can both represent and alter the emotions we feel.