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Design Technology ~ Spring Term


Week 3

We worked on our sewing skills today. We had to make small stitches keeping the same sized space between each stitch. 


Week 2

Today we have designed our own fairy tale puppets using our design criteria. 


Week 1 

Today we have been identifying different fabrics and other materials that have been used for existing puppets. We have described their properties in groups and why we think they are suited to that part of the puppet. 


We wrote a design criteria together. This will go on our work next week when we start designing. 





Our topic this term is puppets. We are going to be designing, making and evaluating over our lessons together this term. 


Look out for some new puppet additions to our role play area! It has been transformed into Shrek's very own swamp puppet theatre.






Art ~ Autumn Term

This week KS1 will be taking place in 'Big Draw.'

The theme this year is ...

 We can't wait!

KS1 Big Draw

KS1 Big Draw 1 We worked together today to create a 'Big Draw'.
KS1 Big Draw 2 We had the freedom to express our own ideas.
KS1 Big Draw 3 Mutual respect was the key to our success.
KS1 Big Draw 4 We didn't draw over anyone else's ideas.
KS1 Big Draw 5 Some of us heard stories from other cultures.
KS1 Big Draw 6 We created some of our own Aboriginal stories.
KS1 Big Draw 7 Here's the story of how Koala got his stumpy tail.
KS1 Big Draw 8 We learnt about the religious groups in our area.
KS1 Big Draw 9 We used tracing paper to sketch like Quentin Blake
KS1 Big Draw 10 We want to encourage respect for others' beliefs.
KS1 Big Draw 11 Here is Chesterfield's Crooked Spire.
KS1 Big Draw 12 We created a giant Rangoli to welcome others.