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Attendance And Lateness

It is very important that the children on time at the beginning of the school day. 
When children are late it can be very disruptive to both the latecomers and their classes.



Morning Nursery will start at 8.40 am and morning children can be collected between 11.30am - 11.40am.


Afternoon Nursery will start at 12.40 pm and afternoon children can be collected between 3.30pm - 3.40pm.


Mrs Hayward/Mrs Sykes, Year 2, Mrs Webster, Miss Riley and Year 5 will be lining up to enter the school by 8.45 am and finish at  3.25 pm.


Mrs Coles, Year 1, Miss Sullivan Miss Gleadall and Year 6 will be lining up to enter the school by 8.50 am and finish at 3.30 pm.


Pupils arriving from 8.55 am to 9.10 am will be marked as “late before the register has closed”.

Pupils arriving after 9.10 will be marked as “late after the register has closed”.

If you arrive late, even a little bit late, please sign your child/children in at the office. 

By signing them in at the office we can keep an accurate record of who is and who is not in school, this is important in the event of an emergency situation.




Highfield Hall Primary School Governing Body

Attendance Statement 2021

The governors wish to thank the vast majority of parents who bring their children to school on time - and never forget to notify school of the reasons for an absence. Prior to the pandemic, levels of absence were around the national average for the last three years.


While we have found new ways of delivering education over the past two years, it has definitely shown us that nothing is as effective as children being in the class with their teacher. Ensuring a child’s regular attendance at school is a parent's legal responsibility; an absence from school without a good reason is an offence in law. Our school target it 96% attendance (for anything other than COVID-related absence).


It is therefore vital that:

  • When children can be in school, they are.
  • When children should not be in school due to COVID regulations, they remain at home and self-isolate. This means not leaving the house for any reason.


Why attending at the right time this year is so important:


Ensuring a child’s attendance at school, following the current guidance, is a parent's legal responsibility. When a child can be in school (i.e. they or household members are not showing symptoms and they have not been a contact of a positive COVID case) they should be in school. However, if a child should be isolating then it is vital, for the health of everyone else in the school community, that they do so even if this is inconvenient.


From September we will be monitoring attendance and punctuality closely, and where there are concerns school will contact parents to offer support and guidance in the first instance. Parents may then be invited into school to discuss attendance with Dr Bywaters, and if attendance does not improve this could result in a fine, or a referral to an outside agency.


Holidays in term time:

Even in the current situation, there is no automatic entitlement in law to holidays in school time.


Since 1st September 2013 the law says that all applications for leave must be made at least two weeks in advance. At the discretion of the school a maximum of 10 days in any academic year may be authorised under certain exceptional circumstances. In making a decision about whether to grant leave for exceptional circumstances the school will consider each application individually, including any previous pattern of absence. 



The Governing Body has instructed the Head Teacher to ensure that any request for a holiday or leave of absence where there is a record of unacceptable levels of absence and/or lateness is not to be authorised for any reason.

The current position is that when a holiday is not granted for exceptional circumstances it will be deemed unauthorised and a penalty notice will be issued. It can no longer be the case that a child’s good attendance over the preceding 12 months can be taken into account. Where a parent can prove that their holidays are determined by their employer it will be deemed an exceptional circumstance. The nature of other ‘exceptional circumstances’ are at the discretion of the Head Teacher.  


The Governing Body Highfield Hall Primary School                                                                                  September 2021


I have read and understood the terms and conditions of the attendance statement.


Signed:                                                                       Date:


Child’s Name:                                                           Class:

It is also important that your child has a good attendance record as time off school can significantly affect their learning. Our attendance target for the year means that all pupils with an attendance rate below 
90% will be contacted and may need to meet with a representative of the local authority.





Attendance Policy 2021