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Autumn 2

We needed to work out how many tickets we could give out for our Nativity performance. We already knew how to count in steps of 2, 5 and 10 so Mrs Jones said we could build on this knowledge and begin to learn to multiply by 2, 5 and 10. We began by learning about arrays and how these could be used to represent multiplication calculations, and help us to calculate the answers.

We know that 10 chairs will fit across the hall to make each row. We know that the hall is about as long as our classroom so we used this space to work out how many rows we would be able to fit in the hall. We realised we would need to check there was enough leg room too.
We found that we would be able to fit 11 rows of chairs in the hall after all the children were on the stage and benches for the performance. We now needed to use our new knowledge about arrays to find out how many chairs we could fit! We first used our numbers to create a calculation. We needed 11 rows with 10 chairs in each row. We wrote this as 11x10=. We know that multiplication is commutative and could also be written as 10x11= and the answer would be the same. We got together in groups and drew arrays. We then used the arrays to calculate an answer. We got back together as a class to share our solutions.
Dr Bywaters told us how many adults the fire regulations say we could have in the hall if they were standing up. We knew we had to make sure we didn’t sell any more tickets than this. Now we had to compare the numbers. We wanted to use the correct mathematical symbols and vocabulary. We looked at greater than > and less than <. We investigated first to ensure we knew what each symbol meant and why. Then we used the symbols to create comparison calculations. 
Dr Bywaters had told us that we could have up to 237 adults in the hall. We calculated that we could fit 110 chairs in the hall. When we compared the numbers we found that 110 is less than 237, so we can sell tickets for all the chairs we can fit in the hall. We will be selling 110 tickets for each performance! See you there!