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Bog Baby

Autumn 2


We are learning about Bog Baby this term and have been reading the book in our English and Guided reading lessons. As part of our topic lessons we did some science. We looked at different materials and though about whether the materials were man-made or natural materials. We also thought carefully about the properties of materials before sorting them based on which ones would make a good habitat for a Bog Baby. 


We passed a feely bag round a circle. We had to pick an object and describe the properties we could feel!

Once we described the material we had to decide if it would make a good habitat for a Bog Baby. We also considered whether the material was a natural one.

These are the groups of materials we created. We decided that most of the natural materials would make a good habitat for a Bog Baby.

We listened to a story outside in the story shelter and then collected natural objects outside to make a large collaborative collage of a Bog Baby using the sticks, leaves and berries we found.