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Bog Baby

We read the book Bog Baby by Jeanne Willis, outside on the story chair. Then we thought about where Bog Baby lives, and if Bog Baby lived at our school where might we find him. Where would he like to live? What other creatures might live with Bog Baby? The children decided that Bog Baby would like the trees and the leaves, and he might see foxes and badgers. We listened for sounds that Bog Baby might hear, like the tweeting of the birds. We then collected natural materials, materials that Bog Baby would find in his wood and made our own Bog Baby.

Bog Baby hunt

We have been learning about adjectives and the natural environment, so on our way to find Bog Baby we discussed what natural things we could see around us.

The children can up with some fantastic ideas: e.g.

  • bumpy rocks 
  • slimy trees
  • green leaves 
  • wooden, hard, house
  • spiky leaves
  • sloppy mud

Every time we stopped to look around we kept our eyes open for Bog Baby but only on our last stop did we find him! He was on grass on the play ground, but we didn't get too close in case we scared him away. By the time playtime came he had gone, but he had left us a message! What an amazing day!

Our Bog Baby hunt


The children have been working on designing and making Bog Baby Puppets this half term. They have thought about what type of material would be good for a puppet by experiencing and experimenting with different materials. They have also learnt how to do a running stitch to join two pieces of material together. What fantastic Bog Babies they have made!