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Bog Baby

We have reading the story of Bog Baby written by Jeanne Willis. A lovely story about a couple a children who go fishing in a the magical bluebell forest and find a Bog Baby. 

Bog Baby hunt

We have been learning about adjectives and the natural environment, so on our way to find Bog Baby we discussed what natural things we could see around us.

The children can up with some fantastic ideas: e.g.

  • bumpy rocks
  • slimy trees
  • green leaves
  • wooden, hard, house
  • spiky leaves
  • sloppy mud

Every time we stopped to look around we kept our eyes open for Bog Baby but only on our last stop did we find him! He was on grass on the play ground, but we didn't get too close in case we scared him away.

Bog Baby Hunt

Bog Baby wash

We learnt a new art skill today called a wash. We learnt how to gently hold our paint brush, dip it in water and collect paint on it. Then we experimented on out pieces of paper and found that the more paint we put on our brush the darker the colour became. The less paint there was on the brush/the more water the lighter the colour shade. We only used the colour blue when making our washes. We then collected all our washes together and made a giant Bog Baby! 

Sorting and describing materials

We played a game of pass the parcel with materials in a feely bag. The children put their hand in a bag when the music stopped and had to describe the material they could feel. Using just the adjectives they were given the other children had to guess what material the child was describing. The children used some fantastic adjectives to describe the materials:

  • soft
  • bumpy
  • rough
  • smooth
  • rubbery
  • bendy
  • cold
  • natural

When we had put all of our materials into the middle of our circle, we sorted our materials. The children first decided to sort them into smooth and rough materials. Then we sorted them into materials which would be suitable for Bog Baby's nest. Then we talked about making a Bog Baby puppet and what material would be most suitable - after looking at other puppets the children decided the felt would be most suitable. 

Mock-up of our puppets

My mock – up of my Bog Baby Puppet

We used a template that we have made previously out of cardboard by drawing around our hand, to create a mock-up of our Bog Baby puppet. Looking closely at our designs. We thought how we would need to join it together, putting glue around the edges instead of sticking, whilst making sure to leave the bottom open. We also checked it was going to be big enough for our hands!