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Bog Baby

We have been reading the book The Bog Baby by Jeanne Willis. This got us thinking about habitats and seasons. We talked about the differences between Spring, when the story is set, and Autumn which is the season we are in now. We have also done lots of work on what Bog Baby's habitat would be like. As part of this we thought about the materials the children in the story used to make a home for Bog Baby. We looked at a variety of different materials.
We learnt about natural and man-made materials and the difference between an object and the material it was made from. We observed the materials carefully to describe the properties and then used the properties to decide which materials might make a good bed or habitat for a Bog Baby.

This term our focus text is The Bog Baby by Jeanne Willis. We have done lots of work on the book in Guided Reading and in our English lessons. We decided to go on a Bog Baby hunt one afternoon to see if we could find one. We thought we might because our outdoor area looks like a good habitat! We have trees, grass, leaves, flowers and even a pond! We thought carefully about what we could see on our walk outside, thinking about how what we could see compared to the setting in our story. At the end of our walk we saw something blue in the distance near the pond. We crept closer - but not too close because we didn't want to frighten the creature. It was a Bog Baby!

Unlike the children in the story we didn't want to pick him up and take him inside. We think a creature is happiest in its natural habitat!

Once we knew what the animals needed to have in order to be happy and healthy we went outside to check these things were available in the school grounds.  We found evidence of food for each of the animals - fox, hedgehog and squirrel - and lots of places for them to live and hide.  We told Mrs Jones that we thought the animals would be happy at Highfield Hall. Some of us even saw a sleeping hedgehog!
Bog Baby found some things near the edge of his pond and he was worried. He wanted to know if the wind blew them, whether the items would float on the top of the water or if they would sink so he would have to dive down to get them. We used what we knew about the properties of the materials to help us predict what would happen to each item.
Once we had predicted what would happen we tested each item. We kept a fair test by placing each item on the surface of the water and counting before carefully observing the result and recording it. We then considered which factors affected whether an object would float or sink. We will use this information to tell Bog Baby how he can predict if an object he finds is likely to float or sink.