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September FAQ letter

Letter regarding transition

Letter about September full opening

Teachers and TAs are busy preparing classrooms ready for September.

Once they are ready,they will add photographs to a new page "Ready for September" on the class pages.

Bear with us-your classroom might not be ready just yet! 

URGENT Changes to Free School Meal Vouchers

Please find below the updated risk assessment in preparation for the changes from 1st June

Covid Support for Parents/Carers

Governor letter 1st June

Calling all kids who like good books!

Join the Silly Squad at the Derbyshire Summer Reading Challenge:




Please read - information about changes to the website and other support

An act of kindness


One of our reception children has been thinking about how she could help others. She had a fantastic idea to collect food to donate to a local food bank to help people who are struggling. She has carefully written a letter to give to the residents on her street to see if they could give any donations. What a brilliant idea to support those in need 😊. 

PLEASE READ this letter regarding the Prime Minister's announcement on 10th May

I have now created the questionnaire to gather information about your current work circumstances, and your views about sending your child(ren) back to school, which will help us to plan our response to the government's announcement. Please follow this link and complete the questionnaire: 


It would be useful to find out your views even if you do not have children in Reception, Y1 or Y6.


Thank you. Kind regards and stay safe, Mike Bywaters

Letter to the Y6s from Dr Bywaters

Toilet Paper Toss Challenge - Year 2

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Welcome to the Summer term!


Firstly can I say an absolutely huge thank you to all of the teachers, TAs, office staff and cleaners who have continued to work over what would have been their Easter holidays, in order to keep school open for key workers' children - you have all been phenomenal.


School will continue to remain open to key workers' children, and teachers will be available to respond to emails, and update the class pages.


However, I just want to reiterate that we understand that many of you have several children, limited devices to access the internet, and are also trying to work from home, look after friends and relatives, or might be sick yourselves. We are suggesting some activities you could look at, but please don't feel pressure to do them. Again, you are the experts in looking after your children, and know what's best for them, and what it is possible to manage. They will learn lots of incredible life skills by helping out around the house, playing with their siblings, and engaging in imaginative play. I'm also perfectly happy to admit that one day when my girls were missing their friends, we abandoned White Rose Maths to have an 'INSET day' (i.e. cuddling on the sofa watching a film!). This was what they needed and was far more important than trying to do any formal learning. Just do what you can!


There is also currently a lot of speculation in the media about when schools will 'reopen' (not that we've

actually been closed!). However the DfE have said that no decision has been made about when schools will reopen, and that the will only "reopen when the scientific advice indicates it is the right time to do so". With corridors less than 2m wide, and several bottlenecks in school, it will be impossible to keep children and staff socially distanced, and several staff have underlying conditions, or live with those that do, which place them at increased risk. I understand that for many families, school being fully open makes it easier for them to get back to work, however I have to balance that with my main duty of care in keeping the staff, children, parents (and grandparents) safe. I will try to keep everyone informed about this issue once the guidance from the DfE changes. 


Please continue to look after yourselves and each other,


Dr Bywaters

A message from the staff!

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Celebration assembly (sort of!)

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Celebration assembly certificate

A resource to help explain school closure / self-isolating to children

The pages below have some information about what you could do. But PLEASE remember this: If it all starts to get stressful, please stop whatever you're doing and let the children run around outside/watch TV/play on their tablets for a bit. Your mental health is vitally important, and the kids will be OK. When you've had a chance to take a breath, have a cup of tea, and compose yourself, decide what you think is the best plan for the next bit of time. You're a GREAT parent, and you know what you and your child(ren) need. If you all need to just chill out and watch a film together, do that. If you need them to watch a film a long way away from you, do that instead. It will all be OK. Try not to stress. You might hear about other schools where there are strict rules about what the kids should be doing, and pressure from social media to educate all your children with 1-to-1 support, whilst still working, and worrying about relatives, and trying to find loo roll in the shops. Ignore them. You will be doing a great job if you can just keep yourself OK, your kids occupied in some way, and do as much or as little learning with them as you are able.


For those whose children are staying at home, can I please reiterate what I said in my recent letter: Ensuring that your children feel loved is the most important job that you can do over the next bit of time. 


We will be posting information about things your children COULD do, if you have the capacity and want to. Please do not worry if you don't complete the work each day. Your child's learning is important, but not more important than their (or your!) well-being.


If you can, and want to help them with the learning, then great, but if you and they have other priorities, don't worry about it. Give yourself a break. You know your circumstances and your children best, and will do the best for them. If you want to keep to a routine, and/or do some learning at home, use the suggestions on the class pages. If you only have one computer, which you need for work, don't worry about it. We'll try to put some suggestions on for things they can do without a computer too.  If you can't support, for whatever reason, don't worry - we'll meet the children wherever they're up to whenever we're back, and take it from there; it's what we're experts in!

Making dens and painting.

By the Friday team ❤️

I Can Sing a Rainbow

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I Can Sing a Rainbow with makaton. By the Friday team 💞

Somewhere over the rainbow...

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This is one of the things we've been doing today in school...

We've also been doing some craft to add to the Rainbow window...

No School Tomorrow...
by Jane Cancellara

“No school tomorrow?” whispered Frog.
“Are you sure that you heard right?”
Looking puzzled, at his best friend Fox, as the dark turned into light.

“But what about phonics and numbers and playing?
I just do not think I believe what you’re saying!”

“It’s true!” declared fox. “It’s the talk of the town.
Everybody must listen, stay at home, settle down.”

“It does sound, at first, so awfully bad
but take a minute to think and you won’t feel too sad.

Spend time with your family, play games and read books.
Draw and paint pictures of birds, trees and ducks.

Go out in the garden, run around, hop and jump.
Then, have a picnic sat upon a tree stump.”

“But my teacher says my brain gets bigger each day.
Without learning at school, will my brain power fade away?”

“Not at all!” reassured Fox, “because every day,
We will make sure you are still learning through play.

It will be a little bit different from school.
But I really do think it will be really cool.

We just need our learning to be outside the box.
Let’s make it creative and fun!” giggled Fox...

“Count all your steps as you walk down the path,
Add on and take away, let’s call it Maths.

Words wrote in steam can makes showers exciting!
And what do you know we are doing some writing.

A dance every morning whilst watching tv.
Move your body and boogie- we’ll call it Pe.”

“Oh wow!” laughed out Frog. “This does sound exciting.
I’m happy I can still do maths, reading and writing.”

“And remember,” said Fox, “when this virus has gone,
You can go back to school and have lots more fun.

This isn’t forever, just a snippet of time.
In your life full of learning it will work out just fine.

It won’t always be easy and you’ll miss your friends.
But the thing about friendships is that they never end.

We can still go for walks and wave as we go,
Past the houses with rainbows stuck in windows.”

“I think,” agreed Frog, “I will be ok!
Let’s make learning at home fun, starting today!”

“Hooray!” cheered Fox. “I’m so proud of you.
And your teacher will be incredibly proud of you too!

So, every morning as you wake with the sun.
We will stay right at home but make learning such fun!”


I  was going to try to do a "Jackanory story" for the children, but when my daughter saw it she wanted a go, and she's SO much better than me. Here's the story she read tonight...


This is how she looked after "home schooling" today! 😜



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