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Dear Parents,


This week, we have been developing our understanding of basic number addition and subtraction ready for after half term. We have used the two following website links to support us this week and I thought it would be good to email them home in the hope that children can continue to use them over the holidays. Spending time on them over the next couple of weeks will really help with our addition and subtraction work as we move through Year 3.  - Focussing on Number bonds to 10, 20 and some up to 100. It would also be appropriate to look at addition and subtraction up to 100. - Focussing on Level 2 questions set to a speed of 15 seconds per question. Some children may be able to speed up to less time per question, or move up to level 3. 


The Top Marks website ( is full of great maths games that will support your child with developing their knowledge of number at home. As a general rule, I would suggest that you select levels that are looking at numbers up to 100, and what would fall into level 2 on the website. This will then cement an understanding which we can then build new learning upon at school. 


Thank you for your continued support. The maths work in class is really impressive at the moment!


Mrs Webster