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Computing (Tuesday)

Week 1

What is technology?

Our Lesson Today

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Key facts to remember

Technology is...Something that has been made by a person (man-made) for a purpose.


Activity 1 - Technology or not technology?

1. Cut out the objects. 

2. Talk about the objects. If your child is unsure try asking the following questions. 

  • What is it?
  • What does it do?
  • Was it made by humans (manmade) or nature?
  • How does it help us?

3. Sort them.

4. Take a photo of your work to show later.

Activity 2 - What is it used for?

1. Look at the objects on the worksheet. Tick or circle what you think it is used for. 


Additional Challenge - Draw or write the name of the technology that matches what it is used for.


Week 2

Lesson 2 - What is information technology?

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Storytime today is all about information technology

Who is your favourite character? Why?
Can you remember 3 pieces of technology they used in the story?
How are the characters using technology to help them?
Do the characters remind you of anyone you know?
Do the events in the story remind you of anything in your life?