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*Computing (Tuesday)

Week 1

What are we learning to do?

  • We are learning to create programs by breaking a task into a sequence of precise and unambiguous instructions. 
  • We are learning to debug programs (sets of instructions). 
  • We are learning to predict what might happen when we run a set of instructions.

Lesson 1 - Every postman needs to learn how to give and follow directions. 

Watch to find out what computer programs are.

Introduction/Things to discuss together


(ASK) What did you notice that was interesting?

(ASK)  What do you still wonder about what you just saw? 

(SAY) “Computers can do things because programmers give them instructions written in code. We can practice giving instructions and solving problems like a programmer even without technology or a device! That’s what we’re going to do right now.”

(SAY) “Code is the language that computers understand!”

(ASK) “What language do you speak? What would happen if someone told you to do something in a language you don’t understand?”

(CONNECT) “Computers are the same! If we try to tell them to do something in a language they don’t understand, nothing will happen! That’s why we need code - it’s how programmers can give instructions to a computer.”


(SAY) “Today, you will work through a worksheet packet featuring the fuzzFamily of Kodable! The worksheets include a lot of fun activities like mazes and art projects. Each activity has you practice using a skill or a tool that programmers use when coding. Take your time and be creative!”

(SAY)  “Did you know that you do not actually need a computer to learn computer science skills? Being a good computer scientist is all about identifying problems, trying out new ideas, and finding solutions! And we already do this daily. Computer science skills are a part of our everyday lives."


Activity - Complete some of the challenges in your workbook.

For this unit of work you will need the Kodable Workbook. You can download it, view it or print it below. 

There is no expectation that all tasks will be completed. Work at your own pace and level. The challenges you do will help you with the challenges on the computer next week. 

Week 2 - Inputting algorithms on the computer 

Things to know before you start. (Parents/staff)

  • Please note that we are using the free version of this program for this lesson. 
  • If children complete levels and then go back to it later of the next day, their progress will NOT be saved and they will need to start from level 1 again.
  • The same applies if they close the window/browser at any stage or click back.
  • Repeating levels is no bad thing and will allow your child to embed their new skills but we wanted you to be aware as it can be disappointing if the children do not realise from the start. 
  • If they keep it open and work through the levels in their Computing session they will have the chance to work through all of the challenges. 


What to do when you go onto the activity below

1. Click the link below. 

2. Select your age.

3. Select 'Make levels'.

4. Click on 'Level 1'.

5. It will show you what to do from this point - basically you have to drag the arrows to direct the character through the maze. 

6. You child should be able to work through the levels independently from this point.


When you are working remember you can click 'test it' if you have forgotten where you have directed the character to.  


Activity 1 - Complete the challenges online.