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Our Curriculum

This year our topics are:

Over the Edge

Happily Ever After 

Conflict and Resolution

The Final Frontier

Caring for our World

One World

Autumn 2 - Happily Ever After


This half term we will be studying The Lost Happy Endings by Carol Ann Duffy and Hansel and Gretel by Neil Gaiman. We will be writing our own fairy tales. We will be looking at how illustrators use illustrations to tell stories.

During this half term we will also be studying forces in Science.

Autumn 1 - Over The Edge


This half term we will be studying the book - Over the Edge about the first person to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel. We will be looking at the continent of North America - the countries, climates and timezones. We will look at what it is like in a certain part of North America and compare it with where we live.






In art we have been exploring the artwork of Keith Haring - an american artist who specialised in huge murals. As part of this we made our own Keith Haring inspired artwork on the playground using chalk.