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Dates for your diary and important info!

Summer term 2022


Parent Appointments for Nursery leavers

Monday 27th June and Tuesday 28th June

Parent appointments with Miss Pollitt


Monday 4th July and Thursday 7th July

Parent appointments with Mrs Briddon

(please see a member of staff to sign up for an appointment)


Sports day

Thursday 30th June, starting at 10am.


Lunch in the hall for Nursery leavers

Friday 8th July

Friday 15th July


Wednesday 20th July

Nursery picnic at Stand Road

(Nursery is closed on this day)

Visit to Stand Road Park

Friday 25th March, morning.

We will be walking to Stand Road Park on the morning of Friday March 25th, to see the daffodils we planted.

All children will need an adult to accompany them for the visit.

Nursery will be closed for the morning on that day.

We hope everyone can come-children who don’t usually attend that session are welcome!

Christmas Parties

Monday 20th December

Unfortunately, due to covid, we cannot ask for the usual donations of party food for the children to share.


We are asking that children bring in a small snack to have at the party.

This could be, for example

-some crisps

-a bun

-a drink

-a small sausage roll/cocktail sausage

-a few cucumber/carrot sticks


Please remember this is a snack only; the children will be eating this mid morning or mid afternoon.


Children who stay all day on Mondays will be at 2 parties! We would suggest that they bring small snacks only, and a small lunch that day.


Please send the party food in a box with a lid with your child’s name on.


Children can wear party clothes on the day.

Thank you!

Letter about Evidence Me

Children in Need

The Nursery children are taking part in Children in Need this Friday (19th November). Please wear anything! Pyjamas, fancy dress, favourite clothes, Pudsey ears. Please give a donation through parent pay, or bring cash on the day.


Stay and Play sessions

If you haven't attended a Stay and Play session please see Sally to sign up for a date

Wednesday 3rd November

On Wednesday 3rd November we have been invited by the Friends of Stand Road Park to plant daffodil bulbs. This is something we have done in the past which the children have really enjoyed. There will be chance for a play together after all the bulbs have been planted.


The visit to Stand Road will be in the afternoon, and all Nursery children are invited, including children who do not normally attend on this session.


All children require an adult to accompany them on the visit please.


Adults can either-

-meet at Nursery at 1.00pm with their child and walk to the park with their child and the Nursery staff

-meet us at the park with their child at 1.45pm


Children who attend all day on Wednesdays will need an adult to come and walk with them at 1.00pm, or to collect them to go home.


Nursery will be closed on this afternoon once we have left for the walk.


After the visit to the park adults are free to take their children home if they wish to.


We hope you can make it!


The Nursery Team