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Dear Zoo

Theme from January-March 2021

The book we are sharing this half term is "Dear Zoo" by Rod Campbell.

Here it is read by Mr Tumble, Justin Fletcher-


Bedtime Stories | Justin Fletcher | Dear Zoo | CBeebies

And here is a fun song version of the book...

Dear Zoo children's song (based on the book by Rod Campbell) | Kids Nursery Rhymes and Songs

And a song about going to the zoo, zoo, zoo!

We're Going to the Zoo Lyrics | Kids Animal Song | Children Love to Sing

Five Little Monkeys Sing-along

The children in Nursery are loving this one!
We jump on cushions and count as the monkeys fall off the bed. many monkeys? How many are left? Can you show me fingers? Can you find the number? Use toys to act out (doesn't need to be monkeys!)

Ideas for home learning-Dear Zoo


  • Read/listen to the story. You can find it here…
  • Re-tell the story
  • Talk about the different animals and why they would not make good pets eg why couldn’t you keep an elephant in your house? Or could you?!
  • Think about different words for the animals eg

-elephant: big, large, huge, gigantic

-giraffe: tall, high, big, long

-lion: fierce, cross, angry

-camel: grumpy, bad tempered, moody

-snake: scary, frightening, creepy

-monkey: naughty, mischievous, rude

-frog: jumpy, bouncy

-puppy: perfect, just right




  • Make animal masks out of paper plates, paper or card
  • Make enclosures for animals out of cardboard boxes, straws, sticks, twigs, and any construction sets you have at home (these could be any animals-they don’t need to be the ones in the book)
  • Make play dough animals-here is a really easy play dough recipe-



  • Pretend to be the different animals. Move like an elephant, stretch like a giraffe, jump like a monkey
  • Try some animal yoga! Look at the video below...



  • Write a letter to the zoo, asking for a pet (let your child write the letter in their own way-any form of making marks is great! Then let them tell you what it says and write the words next to it. This values their writing!)
  • Write labels for the animal enclosures
  • draw the zoo
  • make a map of the zoo



  • Get any toy animals you have together and count them
  • Sort them into groups eg big/small, fluffy/smooth, 2 legs/4 legs

(see also “numbers all around” for other counting and number activities at home)


Understanding the World

  • Look on the internet and find out about the animals in the book. Where do they come from? What are their babies called? What do they like to eat?



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