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Dear Zoo/Winter-Spring 1 2022

Dear Zoo/Winter planning

Ideas to support at home

Dear Zoo

  • Share the story and talk about the different animals.  Ask your child “why can’t you have an elephant/lion/snake etc as a pet?”
  • Make your own Dear Zoo book with flaps. Think of different animals to go in the book. Talk about why the animal wouldn’t make a good pet.
  • Talk about your perfect pet. Is it a puppy? Or a different animal. How would you look after it? make a list of things you would need.
  • Draw animals. Encourage your child to add details such a ears, whiskers etc
  • Find out facts about favourite animals
  • Sort toy animals eg animals with 4 legs, animals with fur
  • Count toy animals
  • Make homes for toy animals with construction kits, or in the garden with sticks etc
  • Learn the names of baby animals



  • Make ice. Freeze different objects in it and work out how to get them out.
  • Play with ice in the bath
  • Talk about Winter and notice things that happen eg the weather (cold, frosty, icy, snow, rain, windy, stormy
  • Make Winter pictures with eg glue and salt/sugar


Valentine’s Day

  • Make a secret card for somebody you love. Have a go at writing your name, and using scissors to cut out heart shapes


Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year)

  • Watch the CBeebies videos and talk about different celebrations
  • Make dragon pictures, and shakers with bottles filled with cereal/seeds/beans
  • Learn the Nursery rhyme “Two Tigers”
  • Make envelopes by folding paper; put money or chocolate coins in to give to family/friends


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