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Design Technology

Week beginning 24th January


Please make sure that your final design and design criteria are finished and annotated from last week (see below for more details). This week in class we are practising different stitches. If you have any sewing resources at home please practise running stitch and back stitch. You could also try blanket stitch if you are feeling ambitious! There is a PowerPoint below to guide you and an evaluation sheet to complete. Do not worry if you don't have the necessary resources at home, we can practise when you are back in school.

Week beginning 17th January


Work through the PowerPoint below. When you have finished, choose one of your rough designs and develop it into a final design using the design sheet provided. Then look at the example design criteria on slide 5 of the PowerPoint. What would the design criteria be for your chosen design? Record them on the sheet provided. Please bring this work with you when you are next back in school. Thank you.