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*DT (Thursday)

Week 1 - Design and make a card


What are we learning to do?

  • design purposeful, functional, appealing products for myself or another user based on design criteria.
  • generate, develop, model and communicate my ideas through talking, drawing, templates, mock-ups and, where appropriate, information and communication technology. 
  • select from and use a range of tools and equipment to perform practical tasks.
  • select from and use a wide range of materials and components, including construction materials, textiles and ingredients, according to their characteristics.


Recap Easter 

Watch one of the following clips to recap Easter.


Activity 1 - Generate Easter themed ideas

Watch the clip to learn about generating ideas for an Easter card.


Activity 2 - Choose which mechanism you will use. 

Watch the clip to recap the mechanisms we have covered then choose which you will use to make your card. 


Chicken card

Slider card templates you can print and make 

Lever and hinge/pivot cards you can print off and make

Week 2 


What are we learning to do?

  • evaluate our ideas and products against design criteria


Lesson 1 - Evaluate one of the cards you have made this term. 


Watch the clip to learn how to evaluate one of the cards you have made.