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Easter holidays

Happy Easter everyone!

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Just a few ideas to keep you going over the Easter break...

  • have an egg hunt. Use chocolate eggs if you can get them on your weekly shopping trip, or draw eggs and decorate them, then hide them. Anywhere and everywhere!
  • write clues as to where to find the next egg, or draw a map
  • write numbers on the eggs, then put them in the right order when you find them
  • make chocolate nests with any cereal and melted chocolate
  • make Easter bonnets-decorate a hat or make one from paper.Make Easter bonnets for your toys
  • make a bunny face and paint or draw around your feet to make his ears
  • make an Easter card with flowers on-paint hand prints or draw around your hands to make the flowers
  • cut a potato in half and use this to make egg shapes-dip it in paint or draw around it
  • have an egg roll! hard boil some eggs or use balls. Make a slope or ramp for them to roll down. Whose can roll the furthest?
  • make an obstacle course in the house or garden. Try different ways of moving over it-hopping, jumping, carrying eggs on spoons (or any little object to balance on a spoon)
  • play pin the tail on the bunny. No peeking!
  • try some easy Easter crafts...(if you don't have paint you could draw around the shapes)






Carrot footprints
Cotton bud decorating
Fingerprint animals
Paper cone bunnies
Fork painting
Handprint flowers
Paper roll bunny
Toilet roll printing
Toilet roll bunny
Peg egg!

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