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We learnt all about materials and their properties. We investigated to find the properties of some objects we use every day to see if we could bent, twist, squash or stretch them. We also checked if these changes were reversible or irreversible! 

Jack the bear asked us if we could help him...he was going on holiday and didn’t know what to pack. We checked the weather forecast and discovered the weather in Scotland would be cold and possibly wet. We helped him decide what he might need and he realised he didn’t have a rain hat. We did an experiment to find our what material Jack needed his hat to be made out of! We have seen party hats made from paper, hats made from card, some mate from fabric and others made from plastic. 

We used the same size piece of material and the same amount of water to keep it as fair as we could. We found out that plastic was waterproof and did the best job of keeping Jack dry.

We have looked at our world and how to look after it throughout this term. One of the ways we have looked at it by recycling and reusing waste materials. The children noticed that our classroom didn’t have a very good bin for recycling so we designed our own - and made a prototype using reused empty packaging from home. We saved lots of waste from going in the bin! 

We wrote a letter to Dr Bywaters telling him about our design and prototypes. He wrote back to say he thought it was a great idea and he would look into replacing the recycling bins across school! What amazing eco-warriors we are! 

We looked at different sculptures around the world from history and from more modern times. We talked about the materials they were made from. We found a sculptor called Michelle Reader (, who makes sculptures from things that have been thrown away. We were inspired by this to create our own sculptures from waste, reusing objects made from cardboard and plastic. We love our sculptures, we hope you do too!