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Electricity and fairgrounds

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B.B.C. Bitesize

On the webpages below, you will find a range of videos, reading, quizzes and activities to boost your knowledge. We will be completing similar practical activities in class.

Circuit building simulation

In class week we are revising how to build a simple circuit to make components work. Use this simulator to check out your skills.



Fairground Design Tasks

Tasks linked to the design/technology tasks will be added as they are completed in class. Children only awaiting test results will be allocated a group in class to rejoin.

Gulliver's Valley South Yorkshire - A Tour of the Theme Park

Watch the clip above. Look at the different fairground rides there are. Think about each one; can you spot the different movements that occur.


Then pick one of the rides you know. Think about it carefully. Can you think about how the ride works? Who would like it? How does it appeal to potential riders?


Then think about the rides on the sheet below. What theme would you give them?