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In topic we have been learning about knights and dragons. Today we made dragon poo like the dragon poo in the Sir Scallywag book. How disgusting it looks ! I'm sure our creations will taste incredible! 
Break the bar of chocolate in half .
Using our Maths skills to find half.
We gave each other good advice today.
Look the packet says where 100g is
Break the bar into tiny pieces so they melt easily
Weigh the butter until you have 100g.
I've forgotten what is next.
That isn't enough! Slice off some more.
That's too much! Scrape some out.
Now it's not enough. Cut it again but  smaller.
Next we need to heat it in the microwave.
Here is the microwave.
Push the large button. Set the clock.
After one minute take it out and check it.
Close the microwave and set it for another' minute
When it beeps open the microwave and stir it.
Weigh out 225g of biscuits.
We will have to break one whole biscuit into bits.
Stir it. It should look a bit like gravy.
Place the biscuits in a ziplock bag.
Bash the biscuits until they look like sand.
Squeeze the syrup onto the table spoon.
Repeat 4 more times.