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Collaborative instruction writing... how to play... (a sport from the Commonwealth games)

Our focus text for this half term

Acting out a scene from the focus text to get a good understanding of what we think is happening

Using the world around us to inspire some similes, metaphors and expanded noun phrases.

Journey by Aaron Becker - Book Trailer

Our focus text for this half term

We won’t understand the story if we don’t understand the words first!

Researching seals for background information about the text

Creative sentence starters sticky knowledge

Making creative sentence starters using fronted adverbials

Time, manner, place and reason creative sentence starters

Still image for this video

How big can you make an idea?

"BROKEN : Rock, Paper, Scissors"

We will be practising our developed story writing skills by using this short animation as a next stimulus for writing. We will transfer some of the features we have studied this half term.

Story mapping

The Onomatopoeia Alphabet | Onomatopoeia for Kids | Jack Hartmann

The Onomatopoeia Alphabet by Jack Hartmann is an onomatopoeia alphabet song. Onomatopoeia is using words that imitate the sounds things make.We call them s...

Onomatopoeia words... words that make sounds

Spelling with our eyes closed!

What makes a good set of instructions? We followed some to find out...

How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth

If YOU were a woolly mammoth running away from bath time, where might YOU hide? How would you get a woolly mammoth down from a tree?

We write in candle light

Rhetorical Questions rant!

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Sticky knowledge - rebuilding an information text and finding the features

Categorising facts into relevant subheadings

Being active readers and fixing unknown words

Playing around with conjunctions to make our sentences more exciting

Our first write in candle light

Daily reading with our reading partners