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Take a look at the trailer for the new class book 'Journey' here...

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Completing research about seals, linking to our focus text ‘Seal Surfer’.

BROKEN : Rock, Paper, Scissors

When Rock stumbles upon the magical Paper, it"s love at first sight. But when the wrath of Scissors threatens their future. We are using this video for creative writing in class.

Making our own model mammoths

Our George Stephenson non-chronological reports

Reading and understanding instructions to practise Arctic Yoga!

Today we did Hot Seating of George Stephenson. We worked hard to write open questions and give true facts.

We are working hard to improve our handwriting and presentation 😊

Researching about George Stephenson in preparation for writing non-chronological reports next week

Descriptive writing using similes

Our simile work above is inspired by this book...

A perfect story that is full of similes! Written by Hanoch Piven

Writing expanded noun phrases that give lots of detail

Writing by candle light

Sticky Knowledge questions about Jean-Michel Basquiat

Performing our Carnival Poem

Exploring the five senses in our school grounds

Why the Koala has a Stumpy Tail - boxing up our model story

The Statutory Spellings we are learning at the moment are attached below