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This week is assessment week. We will be recapping the writing skills learn so far. We will be working on writing complete sentences by sounding out the words we want to write.


Daily Task

- Each day choose one of the worksheets at the bottom of this page. (They are numbered 1-5.)

- Write a sentence about the picture or 2 if you can. There are tricky words in the box to help you. 

Read back your work with an adult. 

Check how many of the things you remembered on the tick list. 

Write a second sentence about it and challenge yourself to include the features that you missed last time. 


Daily Challenge

Try writing a story about the picture below or write your own version of this familiar story . 


Here is a simple example you can follow to guide your child through a story. 


Once upon a time there was a _________called _________.

(Introduce the characters)


First they _____________________________________.

(Explain what they did first)


Next they _____________________________________.

(Explain what they did next)


Then they _____________________________________.

(Think of a problem they met along the way e.g. meet someone, are chased, are eaten, lose something, are trapped, have a spell put on them)


After that _____________________________________.   

(After that tell me what they did to solve it e.g. they are freed in someway, they find a way out, they find a key, they find a potion to break the spell)


Finally they _____________________________________.   

(What happens in the end)