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What happened to our sorting objects?!

What’s happened to our paper?!.... It’s been nibbled....

We made wanted posters to catch who was nibbling our paper

Mrs Higham came and told us there was a problem in the whole school of things being nibbled! Even her favourite book had been nibbled! We looked inside the book and sure enough there was a hole in the book. We looked in the hole and hiding in there was a little monster called Nibbles. 

Nibbles nibbled his way through Jack and the beanstalk, we found an outline of the giant and labelled it with descriptive words to help us with our writing. 

Labelling parts of the giant

Take 10 challenge to promote World Mental Health Day

Look what we found today!

We found some bones and a bag of clues in the sand tray. We investigated the bones and thought they might be from an animal. We then put the clues together and found a big picture of a Wolly Mammoth.