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Autumn Term

We have been writing about a pirate story we have read in class. We have been reading Pirate Pete and have written some fantastic stories about what happened in the book. We have started making up our own versions of the story! We love to write about pirates and have enjoyed finding out pirate facts.


Ask us if we can remember the answers to these questions...


Why did pirates have earrings?


What is the pirate flag called?


Below you will find a link to a video of another Pirate Pete story that your children might enjoy!  

Mrs Jones' Class at Sea

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As part of our English work we have put together a 'movie' which is an adaptation of the book 'Class 3 all at sea'.

This is a trailer for our fabulous movie. We worked really hard on this over the course of Week 6, this is the end result. We hope you enjoy it!

Mrs Jones' Class Went to Sea - The Movie

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We have made a movie based on the book "Class 3 All At Sea". We thought up our actions and dialogue and put it together to make scenes. Mrs Jones said she is very impressed with our acting, we hope you are too!

We have been learning about syllables in English. As part of this lesson a special friend came to visit us at school. Beat Baby loves to hear the syllables in words and wakes up when the children keep a steady beat. The children enjoyed learning rhymes and thinking about the number of syllables in different words. We also used musical instruments to beat out the syllables in our names.


Spring Term

Once Upon a Time

As part of our topic ‘Once Upon a Time,’ we wrote our own version of ‘Little Red Riding Hood.’ We looked at how fairy tales are usually split into four sections: the beginning, a problem faced by the characters, the solution to the problem and the ending. Working in groups, we each took a section of the story to rewrite. Here are our combined efforts – we think they’re pretty fantastic!

The beginning ...

Once upon a time there was a little boy called Little Pink Riding Pig. He lived in a brick house with one of the three little pigs. One day, he took a basket of food to his mummy pig for a picnic. Mummy pig lived on the other side of the rain forest.

The problem …

Mummy was actually a crazy alien who wanted to eat Little Pink Riding Pig and the wolf. In her cottage, she placed a trap above the front door. When Little Pink Riding Pig came in, a bucket of slime fell on her head and she was caught in Mummy’s wire trap. Mummy abducts Little Pink Riding Pig. Oh no, however will she escape?

The solution …

A goblin tries to smash down the house of Little Pink Riding Pig. A builder spots the goblin and swaps his hammer for a toy one. Spiderman appears and puts the goblin in his magic web, stopping him from causing any mischief. Suddenly, the goblin escapes and manages to smash down the house. Luckily, Spiderman catches him and alien Mummy, and the builder rebuilds Little Pink Riding Pig’s house.

The ending …

A magical crab pinches the goblin and alien Mummy - killing them outright. Once the goblin and alien Mummy are dead, Little Pink Riding Pig and the Three Little Pigs go and enjoy a lovely picnic in the woods. They all lived happily ever after.

The end.

We used a story-tellers' cloak and told our versions of the story. Together we wrote our very own fairy tale!

We have made an e-book all about transport. We researched a mode of transport and then wrote about it. We thought about how to separate information using sub-headings. We tried to remember the features of non-fiction writing. Our book is fantastic!


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We have been looking at poems and how lots of them have rhyming words in them. We have been thinking about how to perform poetry. We thought about how to use our voices to make them more interesting and have begun to think about how to use our bodies too. This is just one of the performances we have done this week!

We're Going on a Bear Hunt - Episode 1

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We're Going on a Bear Hunt - Episode 2

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We're Going on a Bear Hunt - Episode 3

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We're Going on a Bear Hunt - Episode 4

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Summer 1

We have been looking at significant people in History and have used our research during English lessons to write a newspaper report about the moon landing.  We have learnt all about Neil Armstrong and the 1969 moon landing. We also learnt a bit about what it is like in space. We have written using features of newspaper reports such as headlines and bylines. Here are a few examples of our articles. This is the first time we have written newspaper reports and we are very proud of our wonderful work.

After planning our stories some of us sat on the story-telling chair to share our stories. We all enjoyed listening to each others' ideas.

Summer 2

A small number of children in year one have started learning cursive handwriting.  They are really enjoying this and can now write their names using cursive letters. After learning how to write their name the children will learn how to write the days of the week before moving on.

The Little Red Hen

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