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Autumn 1

We have been learning about pirates as part of our topic. One of the stories we have read is Pirate Pete. We have written stories about Pirate Pete and then we wrote our own stories based on the story we read as a class. The children really enjoyed the story and practised talking like a pirate. Below is a link to another Pirate Pete story your children may enjoy.

We were very lucky to have some pirates who visited our classroom. We were able to ask them lots of questions using the question words we have been looking at in class. We then wrote lots of questions for pirates. Such as "Where do you sleep?"  "What is your favourite thing?" "Who lives with you?" "Why do you like gold?"  We love learning about pirates and writing about them!

We looked at rhymes this week in English and Music. School had a visit from the Rhyme Rocket (as seen on CBeebies!!) and helped them to collect rhyming words. We found rhymes for words like rocket, mouse, cake and moon. We had an amazing time and learnt a lot!
Another book we have looked at this term is 'Class Three All At Sea'. We liked this story because of the rhymes and because some of it was silly. We talked a lot about the story and created a plan using 'first' 'then' and 'finally' to show what happened in the story. We then did some drama lessons where we acted out the story in groups. We performed our scenes to each other at the end of the lessons. We had some fantastic acting and wonderful pirate voices. The drama lessons helped us to really understand the story and think about what happens.

Autumn 2

This term our topic is Bog Baby and some of our English learning will be based around this book too. Here is a link to a retelling of the story.

In English we have been looking at non-fiction books and have found out information about other animals which might have lived in the woods with Bog Baby.  We looked at lots of different books and fact sheets. We have made a book together about squirrels, foxes and hedgehogs. We hope you enjoy it!
Spring 1

In English we started learning about imperative verbs. We learned that we need verbs in all our sentences and that they are action words. We use imperative verbs to give instructions! We had lots and lots of fun using verbs to play Simon Says...verbs are loads of fun! We then used verbs to give each other instructions when building with Lego. We also used adjectives and prepositions to make sure our instructions were accurate and detailed.


We started our topic 'Once Upon a Time' by talking about what we already know. We shared our favourite stories with our friends and talked about the characters, language and settings. We found out that all Fairy Tales have 'goodies' and 'baddies' and that the goodies usually win. Most Fairy Tales have a happy ending and that is why most of us like them so much. The most popular stories in our class were Snow White, Jack and the Beanstalk and The Three Little Pigs.


We had a drama lesson as part of our English lessons. We learned to think about characters, their words and actions.  We had to create a play based on a fairy tale. We had to think about the story and act it out in order. We worked in teams to decide who would play each character and created dialogue and actions. 

Spring 2

We have been learning about inventions and the people who invented them as part of our topic this term. In English we have thought about how books are sometimes fiction and sometimes non-fiction. We have researched facts and produced our own E-Book about transport, we hope you like it!


Our topic for Summer 1 is 'Where in the World'. We have been researching famous explorers. We have written some fantastic questions and have been learning how to make notes about what we find out. 
Please read our class newspaper! Our reporters have been busy researching information on the famous explorer Sir Francis Drake. They found lots of information and used it to write a newspaper article as it might have been written in 1580, when Drake returned from his voyage around the world.