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Today we have been learning about adverbial phrases.

We sprinkle them on our sentences to make our sentences interesting to read!



They add information about the verb (action).


If they are at the start of the sentence we call them fronted adverbials and put a comma after them. When you read them out loud you can hear the pause where the comma is.  


e.g. The boy played. --> Where? --> The boy played on the park. 

                                                                      --> On the park,the boy played.                                                                

 e.g. The fire started. --> When? --> The fire started on Sunday evening.

                                                         On Sunday evening,the fire started.


e.g. The girl crept. --> How? --> The girl crept nervously.

                                                                     Nervously, the girl crept.


e.g. School was closed. --> Why? --> School was closed as it was snowing.

                                                                       --> As it was snowing, school was closed.


Maybe you could write some sentences like this using this timeline.


Watch this space! Our newspaper stories are on their way!


4.11.14  Speech Marks

This week we have been learning about speech marks. They are sometimes called inverted commas. 


We acted out some of the speech from Shrek using actions then we wrote them down. 


Golden Rules


  1. Put " before the first word that is being spoken. 
  2. Decide whether the speech needs  ! ? or , 
  3. Put " after the last word being spoken after the ! ? or ,
  4. Tell the reader who is speaking.    
  5. Put a full stop at the end. 




What would aliens say if they came to earth.

Maybe they would ask lots of questions. 

Make some up using your speech marks. 






Coming soon to a class near you...


This term in year 2 we are going to journey into space and write about the wonderful things we spot along the way. 




In class you will get the chance to help other astronauts decide where to go in the Space Travel Agents. 





If you have a good memory and good listening skills you may get to take on a secret mission in our lab! 





What a great start to term we have had together

Over the last half term we have worked very hard. We have written all sorts of things: letters, stories, postcards, mini-books, fact files, invites and instructions. We look forward to showing you all at parents evening. Here is a sneaky preview!