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Fire! Fire!

What do we want to know about the Great Fire of London?

We collated all of our questions and then tried to answer them. We answered them by using facts sheets about the Great Fire Of London. We had to read all of the information and find what needed to answer the questions. 

We listened to a drama/visualisation and thought about what it would have been like during the Great Fire of London.

We thought about what we would have heard, seen, smelt and felt during that awful time. We then wrote a descriptive paragraph describing our thoughts. 

Description about what it was like during the fire

Working together to make a timeline

The Great Fire of London Homework

Facts about the fire

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Extract from Samuel Pepys diary

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We have been looking closely at the reasons for the fire. The children realised one of the main reasons the fire started was that the houses were made of dry wood and were too close together. So we decided to design our own Tudor houses from 1666, and perform and experiment. 

Making our Tudor houses

Recreating London in 1666

When recreating London, we made sure to put the houses really close together. On another board we tried to recreate London from when it was rebuild in 1667 after the housing act. 

The Great Fire of Highfield Hall

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