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Fire, Fire!

We have learnt all about the Great Fire of London this term. We began by thinking of questions we would like the answers to. Then we did lots of research to find out all the information to answer the questions.

We learnt a song and performed it in a round. 

London’s Burning

Still image for this video

We have used the iPads in our computing lessons to create pictures and save them. We also sorted pictures into 'before' and 'after' the Great Fire, and answered quiz questions all about it!

Having learnt all about the fire, we put all the events into a timeline. 

We looked at some paintings from the time of the Great Fire of London. We really liked one by an artist called Jan the Elder so we used this as inspiration to create our own artwork. We used chalk pastels to create a fiery background before creating a silhouette to make the foreground. Our artwork looks amazing!


We have done lots of science this term, looking at the properties of matter and how it can be changed. We learnt that there are three states of matter: solid, liquid and gas. We looked at the particles in each state of matter and how they behave. We learnt about the properties of each state of matter and how this is caused by the way the particles are arranged.


We did an experiment to see what happens when we add heat to a solid. We learnt that adding heat gives the particles energy to move further apart and reduces the force of attraction between them. This causes the solid to liquify.


Chocolate is a solid. We added heat from our hands and it changed into a liquid! Science can be tasty!

We also learned about mixtures. We added solids to liquid and found out that some solids are soluble and others are insoluble.


We found out that sometimes we can separate a mixture. We experiments with three different ways of separating solids that have been mixed. We separated the mixtures by hand, by sieving and using a magnet.

We found a really exciting link on the Museum of London's website that will allow children to explore London before, during and after the Great Fire of London on Minecraft!  If you would like your child to be able to access the maps for free, please follow the link on their page: 

We designed a model of a 17th century house, using what we know about the features of houses from before the Great Fire of London. Once we had created our design we transferred the design onto a 3D net before cutting it out and using the tabs to stick it together. 

We arranged the houses to show the difference between London streets before and after the fire. We had hoped to show the differences by burning the houses outside during the last week of term but unfortunately there was a big storm so it was not safe to do so!